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  • Extreme Behavior

    Jessica Latin, a licensed professional counselor, and other experts discuss the behaviors of individuals who display extreme behavior in this documentary. Our study will examine how they manage their relationships and relate to society, as well as what transpires in their minds.

  • Kate's House | Official Trailer

    When Kate learns that her husband is having multiple affairs with other women, her husband conspires with her therapist to put her into an induced coma. Release: October 2022

  • For The Common Good with Juanita Trailer

    “The Common Good Show with Juanita, seeks to inform, inspire and empower, businesses, communities and people just like you. We provide hope, healing and empowerment for individuals to achieve their dreams and live their best life. We also serve as a resource for new and existing businesses. Our p...

  • Were it Not for Mama

    Gloria, Lashay's stepmother, has been accused of killing her husband. With the killer still on the loose, the human research agency targets Lashay.

  • 2 Ambitious

    It is no secret that music has swept the globe and everyone wants to either be an artist, music producer, or beat maker. This 3 part documentary has some of music biggest names in the music industry breaking down the path for indie artists/beat makers/m...

  • Sound Discoveries

    In this discovery, we focus on people from all backgrounds who have had near-death experiences. We hear their stories: what led to the occurrence, the thing that happens while they were in a near-death state, and how this experience changed them.